Out of all the free agents left on the market the Cavaliers should go for the 2010-11 6th man of the year winner Lamar Odom. You might be asking yourself why would the Cavs sign someone who was let go by one arguably one of the best coaches. We’ll the answer is rather simple, we need another versatile big man that’s not named Kevin love. Cleveland could most likely get Lamar for vets minimum while possibly getting a mid-level exception type player. Sure Lamar will probably never live up to what he once was but we don’t that that Lamar, we need a leader on the second unit and that’s where he comes in. Obviously waiters is inserted into the starting lineup along with varejao leaving delladova, wiggins, Bennett, miller, jones, and Harris. Yes, some might consider delladova an able leader but having another body capable of pushing the ball up court whole grabbing rebounds and scoring would be extremely helpful. Even if we could get half the production from 2010-11 season with a stat line looking of 9-10 points 4-5 rebounds and 2-3 assist would not only help this team but improve it from its current lack of depth at big man.

On another note singing Lamar to me would help Anthony Bennett. Not only do I think they have the same playing style, but I truly believe Bennett can be a crucial piece to the cavaliers puzzle like Odom once was to the lakers.


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